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The Ballroom at Park Lane

Location: Cuyahoga


Cleveland Ohio's Park Lane Ballroom is the Perfect Wedding Venue - Cleveland Wedding Photographer

Looking for a unique wedding venue in Northeast Ohio? The Park Lane Ballroom is an exquisite, historic ballroom located in Cleveland, Ohio. There are a plethora of wedding venues in Cleveland, however, there aren’t many that are as unique or have the same charm as the Park Lane Ballroom.  The Park Lane Ballroom is perfect for couples who want to have their wedding in a historical location. The ballroom is located in the historic heart of Downtown Cleveland, and offers stunning views of the city. There is so much to offer in Northeast Ohio, and the Park Lane Ballroom is a great addition to any wedding venue list.


The Park Lane Ballroom is a great venue for both the bride and groom, as well as their guests. The ballroom features a large dance floor with beautiful hardwood floors, an airy ceiling, and antique details. It also has an open-concept design that allows for guests to mingle in one area or in multiple rooms. The ballroom’s architecture is what really sets it apart from other venues in Cleveland. It was built in the 1920s, so there is a beautiful historical charm to it. If you are looking for a unique wedding venue in Cleveland, make sure to check out the Park Lane Ballroom. With its fantastically unique design and location, it will offer your guests a truly unforgettable experience at your wedding day!


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The Park Lane Ballroom is a beautiful venue for the ceremony. The Park Lane Ballroom is surrounded by lush gardens and has a beautiful, scenic courtyard for the bride and groom to walk down the aisle. There are many options when it comes to decorating in this romantic setting, including hanging lanterns and building your own arbor. There is plenty of outdoor space at the Park Lane Ballroom, which allows guests to be outside during different parts of the wedding. The venue has seating available on both sides of the ballroom, so you have an option if you want to sit or dance during the reception.


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The Park Lane Ballroom is a ballroom that offers both breathtaking views and a unique setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. There are windows throughout the ballroom with columns, so every seat provides a scenic view of beautiful Cleveland. The Park Lane Ballroom also offers a large dance floor to accommodate your guests who love to party. There are even more benefits to having your wedding at the Park Lane Ballroom! The venue has plenty of parking, which is great when you have guests coming from far away, and there is an elevator available if you need it during your event. If you’re looking for a unique venue in Cleveland, Ohio that will provide spectacular views and be an unforgettable day for your couple and their guests, the Park Lane Ballroom is the perfect choice!


The Park Lane Ballroom is an exquisite venue for weddings and offers traditional decor and stunning views. Because the ballroom has a historic feel, it’s perfect for couples who are looking for a timeless wedding experience. The ballroom features elegant chandeliers and majestic walls covered in gorgeous floral designs. Another reason why the Park Lane Ballroom is such a great venue is because of their staff. They know what they are doing, and they have been doing it since the building was constructed. The staff at the Park Lane Ballroom will work with you to find a package that fits your needs. If you're looking for something unique in Northeast Ohio and want your guests to remember your special day forever, then give them a reason to talk about it with The Park Lane Ballroom!


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The outside courtyard is a gorgeous space to get married or have a cocktail hour. The park-like setting allows for privacy and relaxation. There are many places to take pictures, and the landscaping is perfect for long engagement sessions.   


Once you find your wedding venue, it is easier to imagine your dream wedding dress. Imagine entering the venue arm-in-arm with all your guests’ eyes upon you. Your first dance awaits you. What is your wedding gown style, A-line, boho, ballgown, mermaid, or other silhouettes?


With your venue date set, a few quick yet fun decisions are needed to coordinate the wedding date. Be sure to schedule your ceremony location soon, too. Looking for alternative wedding ceremony locations? Perhaps, a local park or beach is the spot to exchange your vows and capture memories. The journey ahead is bound to fill with excitement and joy. Wedding photographers can book a year in advance of your wedding date, so be sure to hire a wedding photographer in short order that meets your vision and personality. And, of course, let’s remember your out-of-town wedding guests. Let them know that you researched their accommodation options, whether a hotel or a private rental house, as the guests, will appreciate this.


Finally, an easy and momentous step of your wedding planning – get your official wedding license.



  • Style:
    Ballroom, Banquet Hall, Indoor
  • Location:

The Ballroom at Park Lane

10510 Park Lane, Cleveland OH 44106
216 415-6039
Venue Capacity: Up to 200



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