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A Guide to the Astrodome Event Center Wedding Venue in Parma, OH

Want your wedding to be as unique as possible? Well, the Astrodome Event Center is the place for you! This wedding venue is located in Parma, Ohio at the Astrodome Event Center. It is one of the most unique wedding venues in Parma, Ohio and far beyond. The venue offers a unique look that is not found anywhere else. The Astrodome Event Center is unique not only in its design, but in its history as well. The Astrodome Event Center is a wedding venue that stands on a history of its own. This is a wedding venue that offers a unique atmosphere and a wonderful view of Parma and the surrounding area. The Astrodome Event Center has many unique, interesting, and historical facts that any wedding couple would love to incorporate into their wedding.


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The Astrodome Event Center is a wedding venue that has a history. This venue was originally built in 1965 and closed in 2009. The Astrodome Event Center underwent major renovations and reopened in 2011. This new, renovated event center offers a wonderfully unique look and atmosphere that any couple would love to incorporate into their wedding. Not only is the Astrodome Event Center unique because of its design, but also because of its history. This venue is built on the legacy of the Astrodome, which was built in 1965 as well.


One of the most unique aspects of the Astrodome Event Center is its floral arrangements. The venue has a vast selection of flowers that can be purchased for an affordable cost. If you are looking for something more personal, then this venue can help you find unique flowers to incorporate into your wedding plans. The venue also offers a wide variety of decorations and centerpieces that can help create a custom look for your wedding. The Astrodome Event Center is such a beautiful and unique wedding venue that it would make any bride’s or groom’s dream come true! With so many events and dining options offered at the venue, any event planner would love to have an event there. The stunning view from the venue’s floor-to-ceiling windows provides such a breathtaking view of Parma, Ohio and the surrounding area. So if you want to have an event with some history behind it, then this is the place for you!


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The Astrodome Event Center ceremony site is perfect for any wedding. This unique and amazing ceremony site offers a view of downtown Parma, Ohio and the surrounding area. It has three levels that offer a range of views that are sure to make your day memorable. The Astrodome Event Center has all the modern amenities that you want in an outdoor wedding venue. They have six full-service dressing rooms, and a bridal suite with a king bed with bedding provided by the venue.  You do not have to worry about finding any other place for your wedding because the Astrodome Event Center does it all!


The Astrodome Event Center is a unique reception venue that offers an exciting and captivating atmosphere. The Astrodome Event Center features a wide variety of wedding packages. All wedding packages include a number of pre-selected or customized options. The Astrodome Event Center boasts over six acres of land, which gives the wedding couple the opportunity to personalize their ceremony and reception with just about any idea that they can think of.  A peek inside one of the many event rooms at the Astrodome Event Center. This amazing venue also features outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions as well as indoor spaces for both ceremonies and receptions. This venue has been used for weddings for more than 50 years, so you can bet it will be a success on your big day! The Astrodome Event Center has been used for weddings since it was built in 1965. Another part of this unique venue is its history. The Astrodome was originally built in 1965 by Draconian Realty Company. It served as home to the Cleveland Indians baseball team until they relocated to Progressive Field in 1999. In addition to being home to professional sports teams, the Astrodome has welcomed countless other events such as concerts, conventions, fairs, car shows, trade shows, community festivals, and private parties over time.


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The Astrodome Event Center is a wedding venue that offers a lot to wedding couples. The first thing that you will notice when visiting this venue is the unique design. This venue has a dome-shaped roof, which reminds people of a baseball stadium. Instead of chairs, they have tables and dividers to accommodate the large number of guests. The Astrodome Event Center has three available packages: the basic package, the executive package, and the ultimate package. These packages offer different services in addition to your wedding ceremony and reception. The basic package includes your ceremony and reception while the executive package includes your ceremony, reception, use of their ballroom for up to 200 people or less, and use of their green room for up to 10 people at no additional cost. Finally, if you want the ultimate experience with all these features plus more like a luau bar and petting zoo then contact the Astrodrome Event Center about their ultimate package! 


Once you find your wedding venue, it is easier to imagine your dream wedding dress. Imagine entering the venue arm-in-arm with all your guests’ eyes upon you. Your first dance awaits you. What is your wedding gown style, A-line, boho, ballgown, mermaid, or other silhouettes?


With your venue date set, a few quick yet fun decisions are needed to coordinate the wedding date. Be sure to schedule your ceremony location soon, too. Looking for alternative wedding ceremony locations? Perhaps, a local park or beach is the spot to exchange your vows and capture memories. The journey ahead is bound to fill with excitement and joy. Wedding photographers can book a year in advance of your wedding date, so be sure to hire a wedding photographer in short order that meets your vision and personality. And, of course, let’s remember your out-of-town wedding guests. Let them know that you researched their accommodation options, whether a hotel or a private rental house, as the guests, will appreciate this.


Finally, an easy and momentous step of your wedding planning – get your official wedding license.




  • Style:
    Banquet Hall, Event Space, Indoor
  • Location:

Astrodome Event Center

5720 State Rd, Parma, OH 44134
440 886-6800
Venue Capacity: 500+



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